Nashville Social Media Influencer Raises $17,000 For Valet Living In His Car With His Brother

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Social media is such a cesspool most of the time.

It’s all people arguing over anything and everything, hiding behind a keyboard and throwing insults at anybody that they disagree with.

It’s a mess – most of the time.

But sometimes…well, sometimes, something comes along that makes it all worth it.

And for this one, we have Nashville social media influencer Tyler Williams to thank.

According to a post on the r/nashville subreddit, Williams, who has almost half a million followers on his @averagetyler TikTok, recently met a Nashville valet named Adrian who was down on his luck.

Adrian has been living in his car with his younger brother, and on the day that Tyler met Adrian, he was emotional because he had received a $200 tip. After hearing his story, Tyler tipped Adrian another $100 which Adrian said would “change his life.”

Inspired to help, Tyler posted a callout to his followers asking if there was any way they could help Adrian out, and the donations started pouring in – so much, in fact, that Tyler had to delete his original post because the donations were more than he could transfer from his Venmo to his bank account.

After all was said and done, Tyler raised over $17,000 for Adrian and his brother, and was also able to give him a couple free nights at the Graduate Hotel here in Nashville.

Tyler then posted a video showing the emotional moment that he surprised Adrian with the gifts – and you better have your tissues ready for this one.


Love wins.

♬ Emotional Piano Instrumental In E Minor – Tom Bailey Backing Tracks

As emotional and thankful that Adrian was for the free nights in a hotel, you can really tell just how much the money means to him and the impact it’s going to have on his life.

Damn it’s good to see people use social media for stuff like this.

Gives you just a little bit more hope for the world – and for social media.

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