Fan Combines Zach Bryan’s “Heading South” With ‘Into The Wild’ Movie, And It’s Damn Cool

Does anyone have better fans than Zach Bryan?

As the 24 year old continues to blow up, his fans seem to just become more and more enthralled with both his work and him as a person, the most recent example being a video posted by YouTube account DoGoodMusic.

The video puts Zach’s “Heading South” to scenes from the Sean Penn movie Into The Wild and it puts the lyrics in a whole new light. While “Heading South” has always been about a journey of sorts, seeing it played out in a physical representation instead of a musical one is really cool, especially given Zach’s own tendency to go for barefoot hikes up mountains and pretty much any other type of adventuring.

If this doesn’t make you want to quit your job, grow a beard and hitchhike across this great country, living off the land and what ever money you can scrounge up, you might want to check your pulse…

Now, give me that new album Zach…

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock