Margo Price and Friends Put Soulful Twist On Beatles Classic, “Help!”

Holy vocals, batman…

Margo Price teamed up with Adia Victoria, Allison Russel, Kam Franklin and Kyshona Armstong for a super unique take on the Beatles’ classic, “Help!”

With only a piano for backing instrumentation, the 5 ladies, dressed in all black, put their vocal power together for just a gorgeous rendition of the iconic pop song. From the harmonies, to the high notes, this rendition shines a light on the lyrics and you realize the song is much deeper than the original music and melody plays it off to be.

I don’t know what exactly to call this style of music, but I sure as hell want some more of it.

Keep it up ladies, this is beyond fantastic.

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock