Fans Go Scrambling Into The Dugout After Shots Are Fired Outside The Washington Nationals’ Stadium

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Mitchell Layton/Getty Images

Terrifying scene.

The Padres/Nationals game descended into chaos last night when shots rang out near the stadium during the middle of the sixth inning.

According to police, a shootout began between two vehicles near the 3rd base gate around 9:00pm, three people in total were injured, including one bystander.

And while there was no immediate threat to fans in the stadium, not knowing where the shots were coming from caused people to panic.

According to the New York Post, fans were not given instructions until 5 minutes after the gunfire began.

“I saw the staff there like deer in the headlights. They didn’t know what was going on, they didn’t know what to tell us.”

“Then there was kind of a collective panic from that area in particular right outside the gate… Everyone was like ‘oh this is something that was not fireworks.’”

Fans were even seen scrambling into the dugouts to take cover.

Padres shortstop Fernando Tatis Jr. grabbed a number of fans and brought them into the dugout for shelter.

Other player, like Nationals pitcher Patrick Corbin took off for the concourse.

The Washington Nationals released a statement after the game, as police continue to investigate the incident.

The game was postponed and will resume this afternoon.

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