Midland Picks Up Right Where They Left Off With New “The Last Resort” EP

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Love waking up to new music from Midland.

The band just dropped their first collection of new music in two years, a 5-song EP called The Last Resort. It’s a collection of songs that sound fresh but familiar, exactly what we’ve come to expect and love from Midland.

And I’ve already got it on repeat.

There’s the twangy heartbreaker “And Then Some,” about the pain of getting moving on past a love that you’re not really over.

Then there’s the two-stepping barn burner, “Two to Two Step.”

Then we have my favorite of the new tracks, “Take Her Off Your Hands.”

And finally there’s “Adios Cowboy,” a song that harkens back to the sound of their 2018 single “Burn Out” with its groovy melody and those fantastic Midland harmonies.

The whole album is exactly what you’d expect from Midland: Texas twang with a hint of that California country sound, and it’s just damn good.

And now that we’ve got a new EP, how about that full-length album…

Oh, and if you missed “Sunrise Tells The Story” back when it was released a few weeks ago, don’t forget to check that one out too.

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