Kolby Cooper Thanks His Wife In “Boy From Anderson County”

Wales Toney

Kolby Cooper showing us something different.

We’re all very familiar with the heartbreak, screw her songs that have put Kolby on the map, but his latest release is a complete flip from that trend.

As discussed on the Whiskey Riff Podcast, Kolby is a happily married man with two young children, so the inspiration for those breakup songs have had to come from other people’s relationship struggles.

This song digs into who Kolby actually is, a young boy quickly becoming a man because of her and their life together.

The lyric video is a compilation of Kolby and Jillian, from the time they were just kids to them now with their kids. It’s really cool to see a young guy already settled down and growing up while still out chasing the dream. Granted, it helps to chase the dream when you sing and write like Kolby does, but still…

“She made me better
She made me stronger
She made me want this dream so bad
She made me wish that forever wasn’t all the time we had
She showed me every single thing I didn’t know about me
And I thank God every day that that girl found me
Cause he made a plan
She made a choice
They made a man out of a boy from Anderson County “

Kolby’s first EP under his new label will be out on August 7th, let’s freaking go…

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