Zach Bryan Teases Unreleased Song That Will Have You Begging For That New Album

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Zachariah E.M. Moffatt

I’m gonna need Zach Bryan to quit messing around with these teasers and announce the new album already.

I know he’s busy with a day job, but he’s back at it on Instagram with another clip of a new track and I just don’t know how much longer I can wait.

After his recent “22 And Troops” Benefit Concert with Panthers running back Christian McCaffrey, it looks like he might’ve had to quarantine for a few days since he’s an active-duty member of the Navy and traveled across the country from where he’s currently stationed in Seattle.

He posted a recorded clip of the unnamed song on Instagram with a caption that features some of the lyrics:


He doesn’t miss. I love it already.

And, knowing that the Turnpike Troubadours are one of his biggest musical influences, I can definitely hear a little bit of that in the production and I’m one thousand percent here for it.

On Twitter, he posted a video of him actually recording it while he had some free time after returning from Charlotte, saying:

“10 days of quarantunes after Charlotte.”

If that means there are nine more like this, hopefully they’ll all find their way to the tracklist of said unnamed album sometime soon:

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A beer bottle on a dock