VIDEO: Fishing Fails Compilation Will Make You Feel WAY Better About Your Fishing Game

There is no doubt that the fishing action has been great so far in 2021.

Several new world records have been set for species like Bullhead Catfish, Sunfish, Meanmouth Bass, and Tiger Trout. And although caught in 2020, the world record Brown Trout was recently verified in New Zealand.

State record books have also been rewritten all over the country, in places like North Carolina, Mississippi, Oklahoma, West Virginia, Illinois, and Texas.

There have also been 6 new state record fish caught in Missouri this year. On top of that, there were also 7 new state record fish caught in Montana.

Plus who could ever forget the Virginia man with the massive chub.

With so much great fishing going on, it’s easy to celebrate the success.

However, fishing fails might be more entertaining than the record breaking victories.

So while we applaud the biggest fish of this year, let’s also sit back and laugh at some of the best fishing fails of the previous year.

From falling into the water, boat malfunctions, to getting slapped in the face with an octopus by a sea lion, this video has it all.

And there’s more…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock