Minnesota Black Bear Steals Gun From Camper, Takes Off Into The Woods

A bear in a field

If bears start learning how to accurately use firearms, they may legitimately overthrow the human race.

No telling if the bear in this story learned how to use the gun, but it was at least in possession of a gun for a period of time.

There’s an obvious right to bare arms/right to arm bears joke in here somewhere…

The list of entertaining black bear antics has continued to grow longer and longer, from playing on the beach in Lake Tahoe to almost getting fried on a utility polevandalizing carschilling on a couch, relaxing in a hot tub, cruising downhill with mountain bikers, crashing pool parties, and getting chased out of backyards. 

This isn’t the first story about bears stealing backpacks that has made headlines, although the fact that the bear stole a firearm alongside the bag certainly puts an interesting twist on this story.

As with most stories about black bears, this one revolves around their pursuit of food. Not only was there a firearm in the backpack, there was apparently also quite a few delicious smelling snacks inside.

According to WCCO News 4, reports recently surfaced of a bear stealing a camper’s backpack containing a handgun from the Boundary Waters Wilderness canoe area.

Conservation Officer Mary Manning was informed of the incident shortly after the bear was seen running off into the woods with the backpack in tow.

Officials were unable to locate the bear, but after searching the area, they fortunately found remnants of the shredded back pack alongside several snack wrappers and most importantly, they recovered the firearm undamaged.

Bears, man… what a creature.

Here’s another bear taking out the trash.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock