Carrie Underwood Hits The Water To Hook Some Bass

A woman holding a fish

Carrie Underwood is spending her afternoon how most of us sitting behind a desk right now wish they were spending their afternoon… on a boat, on a lake… catching bass.

While her tactics seem to be a little less extreme than the catfish noodling her husband recently did, it appears she had just as much success.

Earlier this afternoon she posted several pictures with bass of variable sizes, including a couple that were big enough for any bass angler to enjoy reeling in.

Now, if only she would share her secrets and let us know what kind of lures she’s using… what do you say Carrie?

“Feeeeeeshies! #CatchAndRelease #JustSayinHi#Outdoors #LakeLife”

A beer bottle on a dock


A beer bottle on a dock