Randall King Sings “She Won’t Be Lonely Long” With Clay Walker

A couple of men playing guitars

Randall King and Clay Walker.

What a Texas duo.

Randall posted a video of them singing Clay’s absolute banger of a song “She Won’t Be Lonely Long,” and I think we’re gonna need a full version of their performance.

I always forget how much I love this song until I hear it again. It has the 90’s country sound from Clay we all know and love, but believe it or not, he actually released it in 2009.

Written by Galen Griffin, Doug Johnson and Phil O’Donnell, it peaked at #4 on the Billboard US Hot Country Songs chart that year.

It’s super cool to see a Texas country star on the rise in Randall get to sing with one of his Texas heroes. And according to the caption, he wants them to do his song “Hey Cowgirl” next.

Umm… Yes, please.

Check it out:

“Me n Clay Walker. Got to sing with one of my heroes growin up! What an honor, maybe next time Hey Cowgirl? Thanks for pickin with me.”

And the original version, because I know you want to hear it now, too:

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