Fans Sound Off On Twitter After ‘Yellowstone’ Is Once Again Snubbed By The Emmys

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Are you kidding me?

When the list of nominations was revealed for 73rd Annual Emmy Awards today, there was one big, glaring omission…

Where the HELL is Yellowstone?

To be fair, the show did received its first Emmy nomination for Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary Program, but no love in the big categories. Outstanding Drama, Best Lead Actor, Best Lead Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress…. nothing.

And while I don’t want to dismiss the nomination that they did receive, it’s incredible to get that first one, but for all intents and purposes the show got snubbed big time… AGAIN. I mean, we’re only talking about the most watched cable entertainment program of 2020 after the Season 3 finale. It also had a 214% increase in viewers in 2020, the most of any show on television.

So yeah, I want some damn answers here, and so does the rest of the fanbase.

Naturally, folks took to Twitter to share their valid frustrations:

The good news is that Season 4 is coming this fall, and according to the new teaser…

Revenge will be worth the wait.

Get excited.

Also, be sure to check out our Yellowstone The Soundtrack Playlist, featuring every song from every episode, all the way through Season 3.


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