Build Your Own Buck Magnet By Putting Doe Urine In A Household Air Freshener

Fall will be here before you know it, which means deer season is right around the corner.

Many deer hunters already have the countdown to deer season going., and they are always looking for the next great piece of gear or a new tactic to maximize their chances of putting a big buck on the wall.

If you’re looking to bring the deer to you, instead of going out looking for the deer, then follow this guys lead and turn your regular old house hold air freshener into a doe pee sprayer that’s sure to drive the rutting bucks wild.

The components of this deer attractant sprayer easy to find, cheap to buy, simple to assemble, and guaranteed to be effective at spraying your deer attractant of choice into the air surrounding your favorite hunting spot.

This man is either a genius or an idiot… but we’re about to find out.

Just be careful not to spray any doe pee in your house when assembling…

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A beer bottle on a dock