John Wayne & Sam Elliott Are Just Some Guys Bein’ Dudes In These Vintage Coors Commercials

A man wearing a hat

Get this guy another beer.

The MLB All-Star game is being held in Denver, Colorado’s Coors Field and we already have a moment going viral and it had nothing to do with the moonshots.

Just a grown man almost snapping his neck to get a baseball…

This guy is going to work tomorrow like nothing happened and he’s not all over Twitter – gotta love it.

Since we’re talking Coors Field, I pulled up some legendary old beer commercials starring Sam Elliott and John Wayne. I’ll say this, they most definitely do not make beer commercials like this anymore.

25 years ago – the one and only Sam Elliott puts away some Banquets.

The voice of Coors for many years, Sam’s commercial from the mid ’90s reminds us of this simple observation I made in the past:

Many forgot John Wayne “starred” in Coors commercials years ago.

Wayne passed away in 1979, but Coors brought him “back” through repurposed old footage, showing The Duke throwing back some silver bullets and putting some of the bar patrons in their place.

Just some guys bein’ dudes.

If you’ve never seen the Coors commercial with John Wayne and R. Lee Ermey, you’re in for a treat.

Garage beer time.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock