Cody Jinks Starts His Own Independent Label, ‘Late August Records’

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What do you do when you don’t want to play the Nashville major-label game?

Simply start your own label.

That’s the exact route Cody Jinks is going, as he’s just announced the addition of his own independent record label, Late August Records.

The label will be led by his longtime manager, Arthur Penhallow Jr., and Nashville music industry executive, Malia Barrett. Jinks’s entire music catalogue and future music will be distributed through the new label.

This couldn’t be more fitting, as Jinks has never been the type to fit into the mold, especially the mold of the Nashville country music industry.

Hell, he even mentions it in one of his most popular songs, “Hippies and Cowboys:”

“I’ve never been a part of any musical scene
I ain’t just talkin’ Nashville, if you know what I mean
They don’t write about me, in their magazines
And I don’t ask for no reviews on the songs that I sing…”

Also, I can’t wait for this whole metal album concept he has coming up in November, dubbed None The Wiser, on top of the country album he’s releasing in October, Mercy.

Lots of good things happening in the Cody Jinks world, AKA good things for country music as a whole.

I mean, who could forget this legendary video?

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