Parker McCollum Has A Wild Denver Show: “Dudes Just Brawling In The Front Couple Rows

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What is it with people fighting at Parker McCollum’s shows?

Just a quick newsflash, if he see’s you doing it, he’s gonna call your ass out AND kick you out. So, I don’t know who needs to see this, but it’s not a great idea to start anything if you’re near the front row.

And even if he doesn’t see it, why would you want to get into a fight at one of his concerts? I mean shit, we’re finally back to where we can actually go out and enjoy live music again, so I have no clue why anyone would want to screw that up for themselves and the people around them.

But then again, people never cease to amaze me with their stupidity.

Just last night at the Levitt Pavilion in Denver, Colorado, Parker had to kick a couple more guys out for a brawl he witnessed from the stage.

Here’s some live action from the front rows. It looks like the one guy was in it alone, and honestly it’s kind of just all out pandemonium from what I can see:

And apparently, it went on for a while during his song “Meet You in the Middle”:

Here’s another shot of a different scuffle.

According to one of the guys involved, this is what went down:

“The guy was wasted and threw his phone on the stage to try and get close to the front. He pushed his way up to the front and everyone was pissed, then he kept falling and pushing people, so my girl friend turns around and told him to stop.

He told her to ‘be quiet,’ so I said ‘you say that again imma knock you the f*ck out, take your ass to the back, we are tired of you pushing people.’

So he says ‘let’s go’ and someone pushed him away, but when that happened he grabbed my moms hair so I clocked his ass.

Parker stopped the show to make sure I was alright. Then comes to dap me up because he knew what happened and let me stay.”

Because it was such a wild night with multiple fights breaking out over the course of the evening, Parker took to Twitter to share his thoughts. We all know he’s not a fan of fights in the middle of his sets (and most artists aren’t, it’s pretty rude to interrupt a show like that), he’s happy to come watch one after the show’s over.

Not that we’re endorsing you should do that either, but if you must, just wait until you can get to the parking lot and let him know what time you’re planning to get it going:

“Dudes just absolutely brawling in the front couple rows last night. If y’all would just save it for after the show, I’d come out in the parking lot and drink beer and watch you guys throw hands all night.

Would be an absolute pleasure to hang with you all and enjoy some completion.”

And, like we’ve seen him do before, he told the one guy he had to leave since he lost, saying:

“If you get your ass beat you gotta leave.”

I feel like the embarrassment of that would be enough to stop those guys from ever getting into another fight at another concert.

And on a lighter note since we’re talking about Parker… who’s excited for July 30th? 

“Rest Of My Life”

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