Wyoming Rancher Pinned Under ATV After Wreck Survives On Beer For Two Days

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Frank Reynolds

Can we get a round of applause for beer?

I mean, beer deserves to be celebrated every Friday evening anyways, but earlier this week a couple of cheap beers literally might have saved a mans life.

Bravo beer, bravo.

53-year-old Frank Reynolds was rounding up cattle on a ranch outside of Gillette, Wyoming, when the all-terrain vehicle he was driving flipped over and pinned him to the ground on Sunday.

He shared his story with the Associated Press from a hospital room.

“It was scary as hell is what it was.

Everything on the left side pretty much hurt, from the top of my head to my toes.”

When his family hadn’t heard from him for a while, they thought Reynolds had gone camping or decided to stay with friends, but as time went on they began to worry.

They soon learned he had made plans to do work on a neighbors property, so a search party went out to look for him.

While pinned under the ATV, Reynolds was still able to honk the vehicle’s horn, but he eventually wore down the battery before anyone could hear his attempt at getting someone’s attention.

While trapped under the vehicle, Reynolds was also able to pry loose a cooler which contained a couple bottles of water and few Keystone Lights. That’s right, the beer that high schoolers everywhere cherish deeply is also the same magical elixir that sustained Reynolds for two days.

On Tuesday morning, Reynolds’ neighbor Don Hamm found the scene of the wreck and found Reynolds alive but pretty much out of it. He had a dislocated shoulder and some broken ribs, but is expected to make a full recovery.

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I like to imagine that longtime Keystone Light spokesman Keith Stone was looking out for him like some kind of nice-haired smooth-operating guardian angel.

“Keith Stone”

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A beer bottle on a dock