Bodybuilder Not Allowed To Board Flight In Dallas For Dressing Too “Offensively”

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The whole airport process is starting to become quite a shit show.

Everybody understands that airports and airlines are looking out for our utmost safety, but some of these guidelines have gotten… well…

Ridiculous, to say the least.

Recently, a Turkish bodybuilder and fitness model named Deniz Saypinar was not allowed to board an American Airlines flight from Dallas-Fort Worth to Miami, because here clothes were “offensive,” according to New York Post.

You can understand the frustration, as the process of boarding an airplane is already tedious enough, and then you get told you can’t get on the flight because you’re showing your bellybutton and wearing “short” shorts. She also added that she put on a t-shirt and still wasn’t able to board.

In response to the airline’s decision, the 26-year-old wrote this message:

“I am an athlete, and now I have to wait here until morning. I like to wear feminine clothes that reveal my femininity, but I never dress in a way that will offend anyone. I’m mature and civilized enough to know what I can and cannot wear.

I don’t deserve to be treated like the worst person in the world for wearing denim shorts. What separates us from animals if humans can’t control even their most primitive impulses.”

An official from the DFW airport backed up the decision, stating that passengers “must dress appropriately; bare feet or offensive clothing aren’t allowed.”

Saypinar also says that it’s this kind of treatment that led her to leave her home country of Turkey.

Saypinar was on her way to Miami for “Swim Week.”

She eventually made it…

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