VIDEO: Alabama Gas Station Goes Viral After Being SWARMED With Mayflies

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A viral video of a gas station in Cedar Bluff, Alabama, is making the rounds on the internet after a MASSIVE swarm of mayflies blanketed the entire area.

According to Newsweek, Ty Leo was looking to fill up his car at the Weiss Mart Marina when an apocalyptic number of mayflies descended upon the area.

“Never in my life have I ever saw this many bugs! Couldn’t even pump gas.”

The video has since gone mega-viral, earning nearly 7 million views and TONS of comments from folks who’ve never seen anything like this.


Never in my life have I ever saw this many bugs ! Couldn’t even pump gas 😂 #fyp#foryou #bugs #lakelife

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And while it looks like something out of the Old Testament, mayflies are actually completely harmless.

Mayflies appear pretty much all over the United States, but they’re especially popular around the Great Lakes and near the Mississippi  River Basin. They hatch in May, June and July, and are only alive for about 24 hours before they die.

Wake up, have sex, die… what a life.

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