There’s A TikTok Remix Of “The Devil Went Down To Georgia” And “WAP” And I Hate Everything

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Don’t you DARE put this kind of blasphemy on Charlie Daniels.

2021 may have just hit rock bottom, as a TikTok from user @djcummerbund surfaced of a remix of Charlie Daniels’ legendary hit, “The Devil Went Down To Georgia.”

Remixed with “WAP” by Megan Thee Stallion and Cardi B.

No, you’re not dreaming. This is real life.

And the saddest part about it is, it actually works. The lyrics actually sync up pretty well with the iconic fiddle from Mr. Daniels himself, but still…

Maybe it’s just the pride in me from being a true fan of country music, but I physically won’t allow myself to like this.

So, we’ll leave it to the fans now… what do y’all think of this travesty?


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♬ The Devil WAPped Down To Georgia by DJ Cummerbund – DJ Cummerbund

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