George Strait’s Set From Austin City Limits in 1989 Is The Only Thing You Need To Watch This Weekend

If you need something good to watch this weekend, here it is.

George Strait’s set from Austin City Limits in 1989 is on YouTube, and it’s glorious. I had no idea how badly I needed to see this until I watched it, and you’ll thank me once you do, too.

He sings some of his biggest hits, like “Am I Blue,” “All My Ex’s Live In Texas,” “Amarillo By Morning,” and plenty more.

I would do a lot of things to go back in time and see this show live. George has more swag and charisma in his pinky finger than most of us could ever wish for. What did we do to deserve him?

And, if you want to see him in concert as badly as I do, he has a few shows coming up later this year in the fall including the Austin City Limits festival and ATLive with Eric Church.

Kick back and enjoy 42 blissful, uninterrupted minutes of 80’s King George at his absolute finest:

And, of course, y’all go and have yourselves a damn good weekend and don’t forget the essentials:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock