Zac Brown Band Drops Two New Songs Co-Written By Luke Combs… And They Definitely Don’t Suck

A man with a beard and a hat with Luke Combs, John Driskell Hopkins, Zac Brown et al. around him

I think Zac Brown is back.

After the tenderhearted daddy/daughter song, “The Man Who Loves You The Most,” the signature Zac Brown beach vibe of, “You And The Islands,” and then the new single “Same Boat,”  it was looking like Zac Brown was finally get back to their roots.

And then today they hit us with two new ones, and I think we can safely put that whole mid-life crisis monstrosity (The Owl) behind us.

But here’s the kicker, both of them were written by Luke Combs, along with Zac himself, Ben Simonetti and Jonathan Singleton.

The first, titled “Out In The Middle” is boot stompin’ ode to good, clean livin’ in the country.

“‘Out In The Middle’ is southern-rock storytelling about being proud of being country, living a simple life, and working hard.

It’s a tip of the hat to the people who live out in the middle of nowhere and they’re happy being there. People that live in the city often make fun of country people until they come out and experience it for themselves.

Then they really get into it. There’s a reason that you stay out there.” 

For the next, Zac channels his inner Marvin Gaye for a soulful love song that pays homage to greats like Al Green, Tom Petty, Randy Travis, Keith Whitley and more.

“This is all the songs that you fell in love to. It was like a puzzle trying to put together all the song titles we really love.

And making that into a love song. I grew up listening to oldies… songs a lot older than I was. And this song has that feel to it.” 

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