Zach Bryan Releases Live “Heading South” Performance Video & The Crowd Is Going BONKERS

A person playing a guitar on a stage with a microphone and a drum set and a pink umbrella

Zach Bryan man… the dude is just beyond impressive.

During his appearance with Christian McCaffery for 22 and TroopsZach set up a super unique camera angle from behind the band for their performance of “Heading South”.

And it’s everything you could imagine it to be.

Not only hearing, but seeing thousands of fans scream the lyrics back to him was absolutely awe-striking. It shows the insane amount of loyalty and love Zach has managed to cultivate from fans in a relatively short amount of time. He’s already achieved the amount of success most artists aspire to have, his words making impressions in people that they themselves cannot understand.

I mean, there are plenty of artists with #1 singles that don’t elicit that kind of reaction.

He’s done it for me, completely changing my understanding of what music can be, revealing that there is a higher level that few can get to, but when they do, it’s incredible. If Zach’s story isn’t one of the most compelling in country music right now, I don’t know what is.

And all this has been him as a part-time musician, full-time Navy man, without a properly produced full-length studio album. The potential has never been bigger.

Gotta get me to a Zach Bryan show immediately.

“Heading South”

He also released a live performance video of “Revival.”

Just listen to that crowd roar.

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