You Can Get A Free Flight To Nashville Thanks To The State Of Tennessee

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Thinking about planning a trip to Nashville? The state of Tennessee could cover your flight.

With the help of Brad Paisley, Governor Bill Lee unveiled the state’s new “Tennessee On Me” campaign this past weekend to encourage visitors to come check out Tennessee.

The state will be offering 10,000 free airline vouchers to visitors who book a two-night stay at a participating hotel between now and September 15. The vouchers, which are offered for Delta, American, or Southwest Airline flights, can be used to fly into Nashville, Memphis, Knoxville or Chattanooga through the end of 2021.

According to Governor Lee:

“Tennessee is known around the world for its music, scenic beauty and iconic attractions. We’re ready for people to come back to Tennessee ‘on me,’ to enjoy live music all over the state created by our talented musicians and songwriters like Brad Paisley.”

Obviously there are some conditions on the offer: It has to be booked at one of the participating hotels, and one night of the stay has to be between Sunday and Wednesday. And you only get one voucher per hotel room, so if you have more than one person staying in the room then you’re on the hook for the other flights.

But still, that’s a free $250 to put towards your flight. That’s like, 3 drinks on Broadway.

If you’re looking to book, or looking for more details about the offer, you can find all that on the state’s website here.

Although after seeing the crowd that showed up for Nashville’s Fourth of July celebration (which also featured Brad Paisley in what I’m sure was no coincidence), it doesn’t seem like the state really needs to do anything to encourage people to visit Music City.

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