VOTE: What’s The Saddest Country Song Of All Time?

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Everybody loves a sad country song.

It’s doesn’t get any better than those cheatin’, heartbreak, tear-in-my-beer country songs. The sadder the better.

We’ve seen some good discussion on the topic of the saddest country song of all time, with people mentioning everything from Hank’s “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry” to “Even Though I’m Leaving” by Luke Combs.

Although for my money, it doesn’t get much sadder than those dog songs like Chris Stapleton‘s “Maggie’s Song” or the classic “Feed Jake” by Pirates of the Mississippi. I hate even listening to those.

And while George Jones‘ classic “He Stopped Loving Her Today” often gets mentioned as the saddest country song of all time, we thought it was time to put it to a vote:

What is the saddest country song of all time?

Now, I’m not talking about your favorite sad country song. We want to know what the saddest song is.

The song that leaves you crying on your barstool (or in your car or your living room). The song that makes you hit the skip button because you just can’t bring yourself to listen to it – or maybe hit the repeat button because you just want to hear the saddest of the sad country music.

We’ve come up with a list to get you started, but obviously we couldn’t include everything so we included an “Other” option so you can feel free to write in your own if you’ve got other ideas.

So vote down below, and tell us: Which country song holds the title for the saddest of all time?

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