The Hot Country Knights Make Hilarious Offer To Open For Garth Brooks At Nissan Stadium

Garth Brooks et al. posing for a photo

There is no way a person can not like the Hot Country Knights

The swag, the outfits, the brazen attitude, and the confidence are something to behold.

Yes, I know it’s an act and a certain popular artist does it as his pet project, but you have to admit there’s really something there…

Well, the guys are at is again with the funniest, fantastically worded offer to headline (AKA open) what might be the biggest concert ever held at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium this July 31st, with Garth Brooks doing the first of his stadium tours post COVID.

Addressed to “The G Man” and “Mr. Yearwood,” they guarantee G a sellout while poking a little fun at Dierks and Garth’s songs along the way.

Just read it for yourself, it’s too good to summarize…

The Hot Country Knights opening for Garth Brooks in what might be a record breaking concert would be absolutely PERFECT.

I mean, they even have similarities in some of their songs, so you know the fans would love it.

Just say yes, Garth, we’d like that…

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A beer bottle on a dock