Nashville Dashcam Captures Someone Throwing Lit Firework Into Another Car

People are really going stupid AND crazy with fireworks this year…

I’m not sure if it’s because of the pandemic forcing most people to skip out on the 4th of July last year, or there’s just been a dramatic increase in dumbasses overtime… it could possibly be both.

According to WKRN, dash camera footage captured a person throwing a lit firework into a car in Nashville this past weekend.

Kathy Kirby said her son was stopped at a red light at Church St. and 17th Avenue North on Sunday night, when a random car pulled up next to his convertible, and they tossed a lit firework into the car.

The firework hit her son in the back of the head. He tried to pick it up and toss it out of the car, but it burned his hand, forcing him to drop it. Then… it went off.

“It blew up then, first a small explosion and then a large very loud one.”

A friend following behind Kirby’s son caught all of the scary images on dashcam footage.

Luckily, Kirby only suffered minor injuries, but it could’ve been much worse.

Police are now working to catch the people responsible.

Of course, Nashville saw a record number of people flood the downtown for the 4th of July. Reports estimate that approximately 350,000 people were on hand for their fireworks show and concert.

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