Paige Spiranac Channels Her Inner Joey Chestnut, Attempts Her Own 4th Of July Hotdog Eating Contest

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On the horizon after Joey Chestnut’s record-breaking 76 hot dogs eaten at this year’s “Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Contest,” a new hero is set to emerge. And it’s…

Former pro-golfer and model, Paige Spiranac?

In honor of the 4th of July, Spiranac took to Points Bet USA‘s Instagram to scarf down as many hotdogs as she possibly could in the span of 10-minutes.

She attempted the Chestnut method by dipping the hotdogs in water, however, it appears that it didn’t do much good.

She slowly took bite after bite, and for a second, it looked like she was close to yuking it all back out.

However, she toughed it out, and after a valiant 10 minutes (Honestly, there’s no way in hell I’d try this), she scarfed down a solid six hotdogs (possibly 5.5, there’s a little controversy surrounding it).

This just gives you even more respect for Chestnut though. In the conclusion of the video, Spiranac talked about how impossible it was to stuff you face with hotdogs because they’re so hard to swallow. And Joey Chestnut ATE 76.

Now that’s legendary status right there.

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