Randall King Drops The Ultimate Honky-Tonk Comeback Song With “Record High”

Don’t call it a comeback – mainly because Randall King hasn’t really gone anywhere.

But he did just release one hell of a honky-tonk redemption heater with his latest song, “Record High.”

Presumably the first song off his upcoming next album, “Record High” picks up right where his last album left off with the same boot-scootin’ fiddle and steel guitar sound that makes him one of the best up and coming artists in the game right now (if you can even still consider him “up and coming” at this point).

And if you’re looking to bounce back from a breakup? Well this one’s gonna be right up your alley.

“Maybe heartbreak
Ain’t a bad thing
Cause it got me in here tonight

But don’t call it a comeback
It’s just me right back
In my natural neon light

I’m linin’ em up
And I’m windin’ it up
And it damn sure looks like I’m
About to go from an all-time low
To a record high”

Randall has also been teasing new music on his social media accounts, so it looks like we’re just one step closer to that next album.

And from the sounds of the first single, I think it’s safe to say we’re going to like what we hear when it finally drops.

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