Luke Combs Is More Thankful Than Ever In Unreleased New Song, “Five-Leaf Clover”

Luke Combs is on a ROLL.

He just debuted another brand new song, “Five-Leaf Clover,” a thankful new tune all about how appreciative he is for his life and how many times he’s gotten lucky to be where he is today.

While it obviously takes a lot of hard work and talent to become a successful country superstar like him, it’s refreshing to see someone pen a track full of humility and grace. And at the end of the day, it’s why people are so drawn to Luke… he’s a talented dude, a regular dude, and despite all the success, he’s still as humble as ever.

Here’s a taste of the chorus:

“I know I’m a lucky man
But I ain’t sure why I am
Cuz it ain’t like anyone deserves
The world in the palm of their hand

I’ve hit my knees thankfully as can be
But the one thing I can’t get over
How’d a guy like me
Who’d of been fine with three
Wind up with a five-leaf clover”

He recently performed it live at Carolina Country Music Fest:

He put out a live video for his other unreleased song “Good Old Days” a few days ago, and just yesterday he announced “Cold As You” as his next radio single.

Most importantly, he said that NEW MUSIC on the way soon.

While I’m not sure if “Five-Leaf Clover” will show up on the new tracklist for the next record, I wouldn’t count that out as possibility…


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