Eric Church To Release “Heart On Fire” As Next Single

Jason Kempin/Getty Images

Looks like we’ll have another banger coming to country music radio here shortly…

Coming off the release of his triple album, Heart & Soul, and a number one with his last single “Hell Of A View,” Eric Church appears to be riding some momentum into the summer.

And of all the songs from the new triple album, one in particular has seemed to resonate with fans unlike any other…. “Heart On Fire.” The nostalgic song that takes you straight back to the good ol’ days with your first love, namedropping classic songs like “Paradise City,” “All Shook Up,” and “American Pie.”

It also happens to be the song that Eric has been using to open the show, but that can change night to night.

According to country radio insider Chris Owen, “Heart On Fire” is set to hit radio on July 12th.

It’s always a win when a true artist can be heard on country radio, and for Church it’s always been a mixed bag. Some singles do well, some don’t, but something tells me Eric doesn’t really give a shit.

And if you haven’t heard it… well that needs to change right now:

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