This New Music Friday Is Going To Be Stupid Good…

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Pretty much every Friday is a good one (for lots of reasons), but in large part thanks to the unwritten rule that artists release new music on Fridays. I don’t know why that’s the case (it used to be Tuesdays), but it’s a thing, and who am I to question it?

However, this Friday is shaping up to be a really, really good one…

There are typically a few last minute surprises that get thrown out, but just the stuff we know about already makes this one of the best New Music Fridays we’ve had in awhile…

For starters, Flatland Calvary is finally releasing their long awaited album Welcome To Countryland. 

Lead man Cleto Cordero took to Instagram to talk about the album and some of his favorites from it.

Riley Green is releasing a 7 song project titled Behind The Bar. 

It features some songs we know we love, like “That Ain’t My Dixie” and “I Let A Damn Good Woman Leave”, but I really cannot wait to hear the new ones.

Midland will be putting out a new single called “Sunrise Tells The Story” to go along with maybe a new motel? With these guys, honestly, who knows, but I do know the picture of the 3 of them laying by the pool in full outfits is fantastic.

And finally, Randall King is giving us the first glimpse of his sophomore album with a single called “Record High.” He’s currently lit (his words) in Cabo, but made time to let us in on the upcoming song.

And that’s just what we know…

Is it Friday yet?

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