Dad Knocks Out Young Punk Harassing His Wife And Daughter At The Beach

A couple of men doing a handstand on a beach

It’s a thing of beauty…

There’s not a huge backstory here other than a 25-year-old punk was messing with and/or starting sh*t with this guy’s family (wife and daughter) on the beach.

Naturally, dad came to their defense.

But then… when enough was enough, that signature old man dad strength kicked in.

Fueled with Busch Heavy most of the time, old man strength is real…and scary. As you’ll see here, dad taught the douchebag a lesson.

I don’t care how old you are, or how many you have seen, these YouTube dad fight videos are both hilarious and addicting. I could watch them all damn day.

And this one? This one is an all-time great.


Old guy knocks out young punk on the beach

KNOCK OUT: 62 year-old man knocks out and puts to sleep a young man drunk and yelling at him on the beach.Dude caught the noodle legs.

Posted by 2Live4Life on Friday, March 11, 2016

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Bud Light Drinking Dad Dies Inside After Daughter’s “Two D*cks” Joke

We all love to watch an epic display of dad strength, but what about another cornerstone of dad like… the dad joke.

But in this instance, Pops got a little taste of his own medicine when his daughter flipped the script, and gave him a “dad” joke.

Dad looks like he had a hard day at work. Going in for the beer. Seems to be in a good mood. Things are looking alright.

But then she drops the hammer on him. In the 12 second video she asks him:

“Hey dad! What’s the difference between two dicks and a joke?”

If you look closely, you can actually watch dad dying inside…. his soul leaving his body.

Completely perplexed, his brain turns into a pretzel before our eyes.

Job well done, Lizzy. Your dad is now TikTok famous.


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