VIDEO: MMA Fighter Joe Schilling Knocks Drunk Dude OUT COLD In A Bar

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A wise man once said, “choose your fights wisely.”

Now, I’m sure whoever said that meant it as “don’t argue with people who aren’t worth it,” but I like to go with the Urban Dictionary explanation:

“Don’t fight random dudes at the bar, you’ll get your teeth kicked in.”

Alcohol and high testosterone levels do not mix very well. For example, you could be walking to a crowded bar, accidentally nudge somebody on the elbow, and next thing you know you’re getting drop kicked in the parking lot.

This past weekend, this reigned true for one unlucky soul, as he had the audacity to drunkenly try to flex on no other than…

MMA fighter Joe Schilling.

Yeah… you already know how this went down.

A video went viral this past weekend of some random drunk dude in bar. The guy is in a shirt and tie, visibly drunk, and Schilling gives him a bit of a shove trying to past him. Drunk guy doesn’t like it and tries to flex his beer muscles a bit. BIG mistake…

Schilling wasn’t willing to turn the other cheek…

He knocked the MF’er out cold with two swift punches.


Schilling, who knows that he’s generally the baddest dude in the room (no matter where he’s at) should’ve probably showed some restraint. I mean, is this drunk bozo really a threat? No, he’s not. Did you instigate it by shoving him out of the way? Yeah, looks like it. Did the guy fuck up BIG time by flinching at Joe? Obviously…

However, there may be more to the story.

Schilling posted the following on Instagram, implying that the man said or did something racist. Self defense though? That might be a stretch…

“Self defense is apparently not what this country is about anymore. Don’t trip, I got the video love you guys thanks for the concern and support during my life threatening experience.

Big shout out to The Yard Muay Thai for preparing me for this life threatening situation #f*ckracists.”

He later added in an Instagram story:

“If you think I’m going to be the guy to calm everything down you got me f*cked up. I’m here for the show.”

Also…. this.

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