Parker McCollum Is Finally Releasing Fan Favorite “Dallas”

As we’ve said many times, in no uncertain terms, Parker McCollum is absolutely blowing up.

He announced last week his new album, Gold Chain Cowboy, will be released on July 30th and provided the track-list to go with it, which included the just released fan favorite “Rest Of My Life”, but there was another unreleased track on there that got me excited.

“Dallas” has long been played by Parker at live shows and fans immediately fell in love with it.

In a performance at Montana State University in 2019, Parker actually told the story of how it came to be a Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen co-write. The audio does cut out on the video in the middle of the story, so I’ll underline what I believe was said in those few seconds.

“I had this song for awhile. I had the chorus of this song and a verse for, hell, damn near close to a year. I was playing a show in Nashville, Tennessee, a few months ago, and Randy Rogers just so happened to be in town.

I shot him a text message and said “Hey man, do you think you can write a second verse to this song and we’ll cut it today? And he just so happened to be with Wade Bowen.

And so now this song, which is called “Dallas”, is officially a co-write with me, Randy Rogers and Wade Bowen, which is just one of the greatest accidents of my whole life.”

Then Parker and the guys absolutely crushed it, I mean just listen to that steel work…

July 30th can’t come soon enough.

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