Charlie Worsham Debuts New Song “Half Drunk,” Announces Upcoming EP

For my money, Charlie Worsham is one of the most talented dudes in all of country music.

Ask anybody else in the industry (with half a lick of sense) and they might tell you the same thing.

And lucky for us, he’s got new music on the way.

Set to drop on July 16th, his upcoming EP Sugarcane will feature the previously released “Fist Through This Town,” “Believe In Love” and this new one titled “Half Drunk.”

“‘Half Drunk’ tells the story of the first time I told my wife I loved her. I’d just been fired by my publisher and my manager had quit management that week, but I was singing that day in one of my favorite rooms in all the world, the Station Inn.

Powered by Yazoo Pale Ale, applause, and a sense that this girl I was crazy about might just be more special and more permanent than the whole music industry thing, I turned to Kristen, said those three magic words, and she said ‘I love you too.’

I hope this song inspires a lot of drunken making out and maybe a few last-time-saying-I-love-you-for-the-first-time moments.”

The upcoming project will be produced by  the great Jay Joyce.

Get excited.

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A beer bottle on a dock