Pennsylvania Police Were Called To Home Depot To Breakup… An Exorcism?

A warehouse with many wooden beams

Well this is… terrifying, and odd.

You know, you see these movies like The Conjuring and The Amityville Horror that are based off true stories of people getting possessed by demons, and then priests have to come in and perform exorcisms to make the demons flee.

It makes for a wild movie, but when do you ever hear about these things actually happening?

According to PA Homepage, Police in Lackawanna County, Pennsylvania were notified of “bad behavior” occurring in the lumber aisle at a local Home Depot yesterday.

When they arrived, they were shocked to see that an exorcism was unfolding in front of their eyes.

However, this wasn’t an “ordinary” (if that’s even the word for it) exorcism though, meaning somebody was trying to cast a demon out of somebody with crucifixes and holy water… the exorcism was held for the trees that had been turned to lumber.

Come again?

How is this supposed to work? Are we trying to bring the trees back to life? Are there demons in the wood? Is this an evil 2×4? Whatever the angle, I’m guessing the exorcism didn’t work…

Never a dull moment on the interwebs…

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