Tokyo Olympics Ban Alcohol, High Fives, And Cheering At This Year’s Summer Games

A group of people wearing red and blue uniforms holding up their hands

RIP to having fun at the Olympics…

When you think of the Olympics, what’s the one thing that makes it great?

The fans, the comradery, the celebration… and the ice cold beer.

Well now, thanks to Tokyo games organizer Seiko Hashimoto and his committee, fans will not be allowed to cheer for their team, they have to wear masks, must go home with no refund if they’re running a temperature, and must go straight home after the game. Ni hive fives, no hugs, no autographs, no towel waving, no nothing. Show up, shut up and go home.

And now, according to Forbes, the sale of alcohol has been banned as well. Can’t even enjoy an ice-cold beverage.

Hashimoto says he took expert advice, and event sponsor Asahi Breweries has agreed to the terms.

Fans must retain their ticket stubs or ticketing data for at least two weeks after they attend a game, and organizers will post the seat number and date of attendance of any fan who tested positive for COVID after he event.

I mean, what’s the point in even going?

Why is it worth paying all that money to fly out to Japan just to sit and watch your country compete for a gold medal in silence? Might as well just watch from the comfort of your own home. I understand the precautions with COVID-19, but you’re still allowing 10,000 people into a stadium, right? And beer is the problem?

Best of luck to ’em… go ‘Merica.

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock