Throwback To Johnny And June Singing “Jackson” On The Ralph Emery Show

Happy would be 92nd Birthday to June Carter, country singer and beloved wife of the Man in Black, Johnny Cash.

In 1967, Johnny and June stopped by the Ralph Emery Show to play “Jackson,” the legendary song from their duet album released the same year titled, Carryin’ On With Johnny Cash and June Carter. 

That album and this performance actually happened before the two were married and while Johnny was heavily addicted to prescription pills. June, along with her mother Maybelle and father Ezra, moved into Johnny’s house for a few months shortly after this to help him kick the habit for the first time.

Even though they weren’t yet officially together, you can just see how they felt about each other on stage.

From they way their eyes meet to how Johnny walks out of frame to let her perform, there’s no wonder the two of them are forever remembered together in the country music history.

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A beer bottle on a dock