Flatland Cavalry Releases “Life Without You,” The Flip Side Of “A Life Where We Work Out”

Psst… we’ve been saying this for awhile nowFlatland Cavalry is LEGIT.

Today, they released another single off their upcoming record, Welcome To Countryland, and this one is extra cool because it gives the flipside of one of their most popular songs, “A Life Where We Work Out.”

“Life Without You” is, well, I’ll just let great man Cleto Cordero himself describe it…

“‘Life Without You’ shares a kinship with another tune in our catalog, “A Life Where We Work Out,” in more ways than one.

It features once more the very lovely and harmonic vocals of my songbird of a spouse, Kaitlin Butts, and is an answer to the question of ‘what would life be like if we DIDN’T work?’ It is one of those kind of soft and quiet “tug-at-your-heartstrings” tunes that lands a heavy punch!”

He wasn’t kidding with the “tunes that land a punch” either. How about some of these lyrics…

“Life without you would be turnin’ back to pages
That I’d written in my younger days
Livin’ on the highway always doin’ it my way
All talk and nothin’ to say
Floatin’ through the fog in a dream of disillusion
Tryin’ to fill my ever empty cup
Not knowin’ good and well when you’re on the road to hell
There’s worse things you can do than get stuck”

The last two lines man… take a hammer to my heart why don’t ya?

It goes without saying, I cannot wait for this album…

Welcome To Countryland drops July 2nd.

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