Tom Brady Taunts Bryson DeChambeau And Aaron Rodgers Draining THREE 30-Foot Putts In A Row

A man playing golf

Oh, it’s on…

There’s been a lot of hype surrounding this upcoming golf match between Tom Brady and Phil Mickelson vs. Aaron Rodgers and Bryson DeChambeau.

On one side, you have the greatest quarterback of all time (hot take for the day) and the oldest player to win a major championship in Mickelson (he’s also a great shit talker too), and on the other side there’s one of the most clutch NFL quarterbacks of all time, and the most annoying pro golfer in DeChambeau.

Brady immediately started throwing jabs at Rodgers and DeChambeau on Twitter, and now, he’s digging the dagger in even deeper.

Brady posted a video on Instagram today of him hitting some putts on the practice green at his home course. He said:

“Bryson, this is for you.”

And he casually drained a 30-foot putt.

Then, he said:

“Aaron, this is for you.”

He drains ANOTHER 30-foot putt.

And how does he close it out?

“Phil, this is gonna be us all day. Get used to seeing this.”

And makes a THIRD straight 30-foot putt.

Now, if you know anything about golf, you know how hard it is to make just one 30-foot putt….

And the GOAT made three of them in a row. Now it’s hard to tell if this video is edited or not, but it kind of looks like the real deal (second shot be damned). I’m gonna need some film editing expert to break it down for me….

Ok yeah, it looks very fake, but I’m just gonna pretend that it isn’t…

Needless, to say, Brady’s golf game is in prime condition, and he’s ready to whoop some ass.

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