South Texas Tweek’s “New Tattoos” Proves He’s A Name You Need To Know

If you’re looking for some waltzin’, honky tonkin’ new Texas country music, look no further than up and coming artist, South Texas Tweek.

He recently released a new song titled “New Tattoos” and it’s FIRE.

The old-school style reminds you a little bit of the very talented Charley Crockett, and ironically enough, Tweek and Crockett are good buddies.

“I met Charley back in the summer of 2017. I got into his music via Turnpike, and looked him up. Turns out he was playing in Houston a couple weeks from then. We bought tickets and went to see him at his first headlining show in Houston, at the Heights Theatre.

We watched the show then hungout in the lobby of the venue afterwards and drank a little. And the rest is kinda history. We all took a shine to each other and just started hanging, and here we are.”

Now, back to the song.

He actually has a pretty damn good story behind the lyrics:

“Back at my old job I was working a graveyard shift on a Monday. I had just gotten tattooed on Saturday, then saw an old friend at a bar after and we had a conversation about new things we’ve been doing and some of the same stuff we’ve been doing.

I was reflecting on that at work at about 2 AM and just started writing this song. I think it kinda speaks to how we change ourselves into who we want to be but also have our old selves still in us.

I tried to keep it simple and fun, but also get my point across. I think country music could use a bit more poetic simplicity these days, and that’s all I tried to do.”

South Texas Tweek people… write down the name.

And the live acoustic version:

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock