Cody Johnson Covers The Hank Williams Classic, “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” At The Ryman

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Cody Johnson knows how to put on a show.

From getting the crowd pumped up with motivational rants, to singing incredible classic country covers, you’re guaranteed to have a great time one way or another. Hell, brought the Gospel this past weekend at the Mother Church, delivering an emotional performance of “How Great Thou Art.”

And how else did he bring those traditional roots back to the good people of Nashville?

By covering a little Hank.

As he began to sing Hank Sr.’s hit song, “Your Cheatin’ Heart,” he was very clear about his mission in his opening statement:

“I’m tryin’ to wake up some ghosts in here tonight.”

And the man did just that, delivering a soulful performance of the song originally released all the way back in 1952.

You already know that the legends like Hank Williams, Waylon Jennings, Merle, and several others are rolling over in their graves whenever some “pop country” artist delivers a blasphemous performance at the Ryman.

So here’s to bringing back the sounds that made the Ryman special in the first place.

Johnson recently joined Whiskey Riff Raff, and discussed everything that is wrong with country music radio.

He was very outspoken about how there are some people who shouldn’t be as high up in the business as they are, and was even told that his legendary song “Dear Rodeo” was “Too rodeo for radio.”

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