VIDEO: Mountain Biker Almost Collides With Black Bear

Philippe Schlesser was recently enjoying a peaceful trail ride on his mountain bike in the backcountry of British Columbia.

The area near Kamloops, B.C. is known for the beautiful alpine scenery, so the biker was capturing his ride on camera. While moving along the trail, he soon found himself on a collision course with a black bear though.

As Schlesser hurdles around the trail, a black bear is scene flying into the scene on the trail in front of him. He let out a loud “whoa!” as soon as he noticed he came within inches of colliding with a moving bear.

The bear simultaneously slammed on the brakes, turned around, and ducked back into the tall grass from which it emerged.

Schlesser hit the brakes after dodging the bear as well, and even growled towards the bear in an effort to scare it off.

According to USA Today, the situation did not escalate beyond the initial encounter:

“Looking at the footage later on, I noticed that the bear was running parallel with my direction.

 I got scared, the bear got scared, and we both went our separate ways.”

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