On This Date: The Good Lord Graced Us With The Great Tyler Childers

Tyler Childers country music

It’s a big day for the living legend himself, Mr. Tyler Childers.

On this date back in 1990, Childers was born in Lawrence County, Kentucky, and little did anybody know that the 8-pound, 6-oz newborn infant Tyler, who didn’t even know a word yet, would grow up to be one of the most iconic independent country artists the world has ever seen.

Back during a time where mainstream country music was at its low point, riddled with God awful snap tracks, incredibly predictable and safe lyrics, synthesizers, skinny jeans, bro country and pop music, a hero emerged out of the green hills of Appalachia.

During this time, true country music fans were dying for a taste of those traditional country sounds that helped them fall in love with country in the first place, so they were scanning every single music platform (including me) to find something new.

That is when many discovered the incredible talents of Childers.

His 2017 Purgatory album was an instant success, with songs like “Feathered Indians,” “Whitehouse Road,” “Lady May,” along with several others, and finally helped many country fans realize that there’s more out there than the dog shit they were pumping on country radio at the time.

In fact, without an ounce of radio play, the album continues to stream like a mofo, and was even certified Gold last year. And if you were onto Tyler even before Purgatory, God bless you, you’re a real one.

His next album, 2019’s Country Squire even reached number one on Billboard’s Top Country Albums, and brought us even more memorable songs like “House Fire,” “All Your’n,” “Creeker,” and many others.

And while we have yet to see a touring schedule from him this year, he was selling out arenas with Sturgill Simpson before the pandemic struck last year. Something tells me he might even be able to do that on his own.

So here’s a huge happy birthday shoutout and thank you to the good ol’ boy from Eastern Kentucky. He may have been the country music hero we desperately needed at the time.

And in celebration, be sure to stream his 2019 Live From Red Rocks concert in its entirety this evening. It goes live at 8pm CT.


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