Busch Light Apple is BACK, Airdrops (Literally) In July

A red helicopter flying over a tower


Whenever you crack an ice-cold Busch Latte with the buds, you know you’re about to have a damn good night.

And now, the good people at Busch have something special something special planned for the month of July:

The return of Busch Light Apple.

Now there’s no official date yet, but considering they have announced the release in July, these bad boys should be up on the shelf in the next couple of weeks.

Their Twitter page also announced that they’ll be air-dropping a pallet of Busch Light Apple from a HELICOPTER, yes, you read that correctly, a helicopter. And fans will have a chance to be there when it happens.

As far as beer launch marketing campaigns go, airdropping a pallet from a helicopter is pretty high up there on the scale of “eh, that’s pretty cool.” Am I going to go stand a field somewhere in Iowa to get it? Probably not, but God bless those of you that do.

I have to admit though, I never had the chance to try this flavor when it was first released, and I’m not too keen on flavored beers. But according to Twitter, it’s well worth the hype.

Stay tuned…

A beer bottle on a dock



A beer bottle on a dock