If Austin FC Can’t Win At Home With Matthew McConaughey Banging A Drum, They Can’t Win Anywhere

I mean, if there’s a better hype man in professional sports (or even just life in general), I haven’t seen it.

In case you missed it, Austin FC co-owner and Texas Minister of Culture himself, Mr. Matthew McConaughey was on hand for Austin FC’s inaugural home opener against San Jose Earthquakes.

Donning a green suit, and banging a drum on the pitch at Q2 Stadium, he led fans in the Austin FC “Verde! Listos!” chant, pumping up a packed house of nearly 21,000.

To be honest, I thought he was saying “fuck yeah, let’s go,” but nope, it’s the signature Austin FC chant which essentially translates to “green is ready.”

Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough to lead them to victory in the new stadium, as they tied 0-0, which kind of begs the question: if you can’t win at home with McConaughey banging a drum in a green suit, where can you win?

Either way, with McConaughey on board, it’s hard not to get into the hype. We should get him on the sideline for Team USA games… maybe we’d win more…

A couple months back, McConaughey previewed Austin FC’s like only he can.

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