VIDEO: “Suns In 4” Guy Got Beer Poured On Him Before Whopping The Nuggets Fan’s A**

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In the back of everybody’s minds, we all knew what we were gonna be getting into this year as live sports finally came back after last year’s layoff.

ESPECIALLY in the NBA postseason.

When all people could do was sit at home and watch from the couch for a whole year, you already know there were a ton of fans who had been going psychotic, itching for the opportunity to root on their team, live in person again.

When you mix these mindsets (and some booze) with opposing fans, though, you would expect there to be more fights, and all around wild shit this year…

And that’s exactly what we’ve gotten.

From fans throwing things and spitting on players, to rogue fans running across the court, and now, full on brawls occurring in the stands, it’s been absolute pandemonium.

However, the “Suns in 4” guy is by FAR, one of the best fan fights we’ve ever seen.

Last weekend, a video surfaced from Game 3 of the Nuggets/Suns series featuring an all-time epic beatdown. The Suns fan, Nick McKellar, claimed the two Nuggets fans with the ridiculous haircuts started the fight, and as it turns out, he was right.

The fight was brief and appeared to be over, until the Nuggets fan who poured beer on him decided to try and sneak in a sucker punch before leaving…

That’s when McKellar went psycho-billy ninja on the man, grabbed him by the shirt, and rearranged his face while is buddy just watched. Coward…

More crazy fight videos.

Needless to say, the guy’s been hailed as a hero to Suns fans across, and star player Devin Booker even gave him free tickets for a Western Conference Finals game.

So McKellar whooped some ass and got some free tickets out of it too… I’d say that’s a win.

Oh yeah, and the Suns swept the series.

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