Kentucky Championship Tee-Ball Game Stopped After Dad Brawl Breaks Out On The Field

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Nothing like a good old fashioned dad brawl at a tee-ball game… a TEE-BALL GAME.

I thought they didn’t even keep score these days? What happened to “just having fun?”

Nope, not in Eastern Kentucky… these kids are playing for keeps.

According to WKYT, a Stanton, Kentucky, little league championship was called off after a blown call resulted in a full-blown brouhaha erupting on the field. Apparently, there was a play at the plate, the kid dropped the ball, the ump missed it, called him out, and the next thing we know, bodies on the field.

Dads are ripping off shirts, screaming at the coaches, kids are crying, there’s some pushing and shoving going on and a whole lot of cussing… but it doesn’t look like any punches were thrown.

Police were eventually called:

“Give me a couple of units of to the city park, they are getting pretty wild at the T-ball field believe it or not.

They’ve had a fistfight in the middle of the field, we have them separated now, but they might do it in the parking lot again so get out whoever in on the Stanton PD out here.”

The incident is under investigation and arrests might be made.

I mean, the guy charging the field and then ripping his shirt off is some kind of character.

What’s going on in your life dude that you couldn’t wait to run onto the field full of 5 and 6 year olds and rip your shirt off for a brawl with a bunch of other out-of-shape dads in cargo shorts?

Sad… Kind of hilarious, but sad…

Both coaches shared their thoughts on Facebook:

Jimmy Smith, you wanna make this right? At this point all I care about is getting these kids what they deserve. You…

Posted by Steve Randall on Monday, June 14, 2021

If you're gonna post videos and call me a POS Coach, why don't you show the whole video or tell the entire story! I…

Posted by Jimmy Smith on Monday, June 14, 2021

Here’s more details from LEX18 news:

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