Desperate Wolf With Broken Leg Wanted Every Bit Of A Pack Of Coyotes At Yellowstone

Lesson learned: Don’t f*ck with a Yellowstone wolf.

They’re built different.

A group from Yellowstone National Park captured an intriguing confrontation between a few coyotes and a wolf back in May.

The coyotes were all feeding off of a dead bison, who were already trying to get rid of a group of swarming scavengers.

Then, a wolf with a broken leg is seen lurking in the distance. Now under normal circumstances, a few coyotes are no match for a wolf, but when the wolf is alone, hungry, and limping around on a broken leg? The playing field has been leveled.

However, this desperate wolf wasn’t afraid to tangle, even though it was hobbled.

The wolf approached the dead bison and coyotes, looking for food, and even though the pack of coyotes attempted to scare away the wolf, they still didn’t want any piece of the creature.

The hungry wolf ends up having the bison all to his own.

Imagine working out at Yellowstone, and seeing this kind of stuff every single day.

Living the dream, I’d say.

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